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In a world on digital overload, a focus on engaging design and writing is the new way to reach people.

Using the latest software or social media angle to deliver your message only gets you so far. People are exposed to so much content these days. Attracting and keeping their interest depends more than ever on user-friendly interfaces, focused writing, effective typography, imagery, motion and audio.

Loveit Communications can help you engage your audience by giving your project the creative love it deserves.

For example, we use Webflow for building websites. It lets you decide how your information is presented through powerful design and functionality control, even while dramatically cutting production time and costs. Add on superior client content management, lightning page-load speeds, non-php code security, and lower maintenance costs over time.

Located in Toronto, Canada, Loveit Communications is guided by Nick Toth, an industry veteran, wth long tenure in senior creative positions at international pharmaceutical and consumer advertising and education agencies. Other people brought in to help on your business will also be talented at creating engaging communications. Loveit Communications is a division of Toth Creative.

Give your project the love it deserves.


Freelance work for project teams

Hi, I'm Nick Toth and I'm available for Webflow-related project work in particular. This website was built in Webflow, as were all the websites shown on the samples page. Animation in After Effects was used for the video on this site's home page.

I'm also very much available for print design work. InDesign is a beast and I have loads of experience.

I also have limited availability on an hourly basis for creative and marketing consulting.