Get busy people to pay attention... and do it efficiently.

We'll help get your target audience to stop and listen to what you have to offer, with effective design and writing.

By using some of the best software tools available, we'll also work efficiently.


Websites: Get what you want, in less time.

We build on the Webflow platform. With its powerful control of site design in a code-free environment, it can dramatically reduce development time.

You get this control without sacrificing functionality. Go deep all you want, including content management and ecommerce.

What's more, the results are technically unsurpassed in end-user site performance and SEO, backed by research using industry-standard Google Lighthouse tools.

As your company evolves, and your website needs change alongside it, the benefits of quicker development time will keep adding up.

Tell your business story the way you want to. For less.

Other services:

It usually starts with the need for a website, but Loveit Communications can also provide printed brochures, help with strategy and writing, or other digital or print services. We can provide ad hoc assistance or the finished product. In addition to serving businesses directly, Loveit Communications also provides freelance work to agencies.

• Print advertising
• Newsletters, digital or print
• Ad hoc creative direction or advice
• Promotional products

Who we are

In business since 2001 as Toth Creative, it was time for a rebrand in 2022 to Loveit Communications, which is essentially me, Nick Toth, with collaborators as needed.

Prior to 2001, I was a Senior Copywriter and then Creative Director at major pharmaceutical advertising agencies: Medcom/Ross Roy, Medicus, Anderson/DDB and The Synapse Group.

Assignments were with major national and international brands, across a range of therapeutic categories, with some consumer product advertising as well. My work included working on digital solutions, just as they were emerging into the mainstream.

After opening my own office in 2001, I dived deeper into design software, producing all manner of digital and print work.

Eventually Toth Creative expanded to three employees, and we partnered with KS Integrated Communications and The Synapse Group on LEO Pharma (Canada) business for many years.

Now working from home since 2019, I mostly build websites, and am focused on being a Webflow expert, but I also provide a range of services for clients and as a freelancer to agencies.

I understand that everyone has different needs, from neighbourhood business to national account.

In every case, I look forward to working with you.